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Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Avisa (May 15, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 846179530X
ISBN-13: 9788461795307



Shunning the spotlight by choice, from their outlying studio of Olot, the laureates of this year’s Pritzker Prize have worked together for thirty years developing an architecture that is radical in its language yet anchored to its context and committed to nature. On the occasion of the concession of this prestigious award – which until now only one Spaniard had received, Rafael Moneo in 1996 –, Arquitectura Viva presents ‘RCR arquitectes. 1988-2017’, a 240-page volume in cloth hardcover and fully bilingual Spanish-English edition. The book includes 40 of the studio’s most important works, including suggestive and personal ones like Pedra Tosca Park, Horizonte House, Les Cols Restaurant and the Bell-lloc Winery, all in Catalonia – and most of them in the region of La Garrotxa –, and also completions outside Spain, like the Soulages Museum and La Cuisine Centre in France, or the Hofheide Crematorium and Walse Krook Media Library in Belgium. Essays by Luis Fernández-Galiano, Richard Ingersoll, Carlos Jiménez, William Curtis and Josep Maria Montaner help to interpret, from five different perspectives, the essential and provocative architecture that has earned Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta the most prominent architectural distinction.

Luis Fernández-Galiano
Land Architecture

Trayectoria con raíces Journey with Roots

Luis Fernández-Galiano
RCR, Romanticismo Con Rigor
RCR, Romanticism Confronts Rigor

Richard Ingersoll
Hijos de Vulcano  Children of Vulcan

Carlos Jiménez
Magos de lo natural  Magicians of Nature

William J.R. Curtis
Materia oscura  Dark Matter

Josep Maria Montaner
De Olot al mundo  From Olot to the World 

Paisajes de abstracción  Landscapes of Abstraction

Estadio de atletismo y pabellones, 1991-2011, Olot (España)
Athletics Stadium and Pavilions, 1991-2011, Olot (Spain)

Pabellón de acceso a la Fageda d’en Jordà, 1993-1994, Olot (España)
Access Pavilion to Fageda d’en Jordà, 1993-1994, Olot (Spain)

Casa Mirador, 1994-1999, Olot (España)
Mirador House, 1994-1999, Olot (Spain)

Centro cultural, 1994-1999, Riudaura (España)
Cultural Center, 1994-1999, Riudaura (Spain)

Pabellón de baño, 1995-1998, Olot (España)
Bathing Pavilion, 1995-1998, Olot (Spain)

Instituto de secundaria Vilartagues, 1995-1999, Sant Feliu de Guíxols (España)
Vilartagues High School, 1995-1999, Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Spain)

Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas, 1995-1999, Gerona (España)
Law School, 1995-1999, Girona (Spain)

Casa para un herrero y una peluquera, 1996-2000, La Canya (España)
House for a Blacksmith and a Hairdresser, 1996-2000, La Canya (Spain)

Parque de Piedra Tosca, 1998-2004, Les Preses (España)
Pedra Tosca Park, 1998-2004, Les Preses (Spain)

Parque de La Arboleda, 1998-2005, Begur (España)
La Arboleda Park, 1998-2005, Begur (Spain)

Casa Horizonte, 2000-2007, La Vall de Bianya (España)
Horizonte House, 2000-2007, La Vall de Bianya (Spain)

Casa M-Lidia, 2000-2002, Montagut (España)
M-Lidia House, 2000-2002, Montagut (Spain)

Guardería Els Colors, 2001-2004, Manlleu (España)
Els Colors Nursery, 2001-2004, Manlleu (Spain)

Piscina cubierta, 2001-2006, Manlleu (España)
Indoor Swimming Pool, 2001-2006, Manlleu (Spain)

Pabellón en el estanque, 2001-2009, Llagostera (España)
Pavilion on a Pond, 2001-2009, Llagostera (Spain)

Restaurante Les Cols, 2001-2002, Olot (España)
Les Cols Restaurant, 2001-2002, Olot (Spain)

Alberca en La Vila de Trincheria, 2002-2003, La Vall de Bianya (España)
Pond in La Vila de Trincheria, 2002-2003, La Vall de Bianya (Spain)

Casa para un carpintero, 2002-2007, Olot (España)
House for a Carpenter, 2002-2007, Olot (Spain)

Pabellones en el restaurante Les Cols, 2002-2005, Olot (España)
Pavilions in Les Cols Restaurant, 2002-2005, Olot (Spain)

Biblioteca y hogar de jubilados, 2002-2007, Barcelona (España)
Library and Center for the Elderly, 2002-2007, Barcelona (Spain)

Bodegas Bell-lloc, 2003-2007, Palamós (España)
Bell-lloc Winery, 2003-2007, Palamós (Spain)

Plaza cubierta y pasarela, 2003-2011, Ripoll (España)
Covered Plaza and Footbridge, 2003-2011, Ripoll (Spain)

Espacio Barberí, 2004-2008, Olot (España)
Barberí Space, 2004-2008, Olot (Spain)

Casa para un arquitecto, 2005, Gante (Bélgica)
House for an Architect, 2005, Ghent (Belgium)

Guardería El Petit Comte, 2005-2010, Besalú (España)
El Petit Comte Nursery, 2005-2010, Besalú (Spain)

Crematorio de Hofheide, 2006-2014, Holsbeek (Bélgica)
Hofheide Crematorium, 2006-2014, Holsbeek (Belgium)

Carpa en el restaurante Les Cols, 2007-2011, Olot (España)
Les Cols Restaurant Marquee, 2007-2011, Olot (Spain)

Museo Soulages, 2008-2014, Rodez (Francia)
Soulages Museum, 2008-2014, Rodez (France)

Casa Entremuros, 2009-2012, Olot (España)
Entremuros House, 2009-2012, Olot (Spain)

Centro de arte La Cuisine, 2009-2014, Nègrepelisse (Francia)
La Cuisine Art Center, 2009-2014, Nègrepelisse (France)

Casa Malecaze, 2009-2015, Vieille-Toulouse (Francia)
Malecaze House, 2009-2015, Vieille-Toulouse (France)

Complejo escolar, 2010-2014, Font-Romeu-Odeillo-Via (Francia)
School Complex, 2010-2014, Font-Romeu-Odeillo-Via (France)

Mediateca Waalse Krook, 2010-2017, Gante (Bélgica)
Waalse Krook Media Library, 2010-2017, Ghent (Belgium)

Museo de Lorena, 2012, Nancy (Francia)
Museum of Lorraine, 2012, Nancy (France)

Complejo mixto ‘Le triangle des écluses’, 2012, Burdeos (Francia)
‘Le Triangle des Écluses’ Mixed-use Complex, 2012, Bordeaux (France)

Galería, taller y vivienda, 2012-2016, Burdeos (Francia)
Gallery, Atelier and House, 2012-2016, Bordeaux (France)

Edificio de uso mixto ‘L’ilot plaza’, 2013-, Burdeos (Francia)
‘L’Ilot Plaza’ Mixed-use Building, 2013-, Bordeaux (France)

Hotel Bois Fleuri, 2013-, Burdeos (Francia)
Bois Fleuri Hotel, 2013-, Bordeaux (France)

Casa Soulages, 2013-, Rodez (Francia)
Soulages House, 2013-, Rodez (France)

Edificio de uso mixto ‘GAB’, 2014-, Burdeos (Francia)
‘GAB’ Mixed-use Building, 2014-, Bordeaux (France)


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