The Architectural Review 2020:06




AR June 2020 on Inside

Home in the time of coronavirus | Quarantine architecture | Interior landscapes | Windows | Corridors | Desks | The couch |  Tom de Paor | Mill & Jones | Anni Albers


Over the past few months we have witnessed the world turn inward. As streets emptied, schools, bars, restaurants closed and entire countries shut-off, we have been sucked inside.

Staying in is no longer a choice, we are forced to embark on reconsidering the space of the home under new conditions. This issue interrogates that which constitutes the interior, its furniture, linings, portals to outside, and how our bodies sink into and mediate these landscapes. What happens when the public functions of the city, social relations and work are all forced to reside in the domestic? Architecture has a history of constructing microcosms, dreaming up closed-off worlds designed in bubbles, tied to ideas of self-sufficiency and utopia. Is there a new world to be imagined from the comfort of our own couches?

AR June 2020


Public house, Atxu Amann y Alcocer and Flavio Martella 
Architecture of quarantine, David Garcia
Outrage: the insanity of tiny homes, Jack Self
Specious spaces, Mill & Jones
A journey around my flat, Tom Wilkinson
Desk job, Elise Limon
Reputations: Anni Albers, Jordan Troeller 
Looking in on the landscape, Lili Zarzycki
Analysing the couch, Nathan Kravis
Body dwelling, Lili Zarzycki 
Toward an architecture, Tom de Paor
Living in the bubble, Manon Mollard 
Corridors of uncertainty, Catherine Slessor 
Outside in, Eleanor Beaumont